Featured Sculptures

    “Head” (wood)

    “Tiny Dancer” (wood and stone) Sold

    “Knitted” (wood and metal) in private collection Italy


    Dave describes his work:

    Along the coast of West Cork where I live, there are oak trees growing in very isolated places which, I imagine have never been touched by man because they’re just too hard to get to. I use a small inflatable to row into tiny inlets needing only very little water to float. I dig the fallen oak out of the mud and tie huge floats on to them then let the tide draw them up. I feel these virgin oak trees are direct descendants from the primeval oak forests which once covered Ireland and so it seems I’m starting from a clean slate trying to draw something out of it.




    Always returning to the woods in the South.

    To the forests lost to me…….” ¬† ¬†Pablo Neruda

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